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Exploring Music Together!



Jason Fawks is a talented multi-instrumentalist who performs on a variety of folk and stringed instruments. In this program he will share the music and history behind his Celtic harp, Appalachian dulcimer, Spanish guitar, Hawaiian ukulele,

Irish Pennywhistle, and more.

A gifted speaker, he is able to communicate his love of music in such a way that leaves the audience wanting for more and inspired in their own journey of musical exploration. Jason believes that music is a universal language that inspires and motivate kids to pursue personal achievement and accomplishment, opening the door to a lifetime of discovery and enjoyment. Great for fine arts, social studies, and history curriculum!

Jason also offers a group beginners harmonica or ukulele class and is glad to create a program to suit your specific needs. :)

Regular fee for a 45 minute program is $300

Contact for more details.

"Jason is a talented musician who has learned to play many different instruments and is able to share this with children."

-Principal Dan McKey - East Holmes Local Schools-

"He did a program with our students that was phenomenal! Our students have talked about it for the last couple weeks. I will not hesitate in having him return to FCA."  

-Principal Brad Weaver- Faith Christian Academy-

Jason holds an MA in International Development with a Specialization in Global Civilization from William Carey International University in Pasadena, CA. Jason’s musical adventure began early with his love of piano. In addition to his folk music program, he is also available as a performer for special events. Please contact us for more information.

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