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Jason Fawks


Jason’s love of music began at an early age learning piano. A solo pianist and multi- instrumentalist, he loves using his musical gifts and talents to bless others. He has thousands of hours of teaching and performance experience. Jason offers ONLINE private music lessons on a variety of instruments including piano, accordion, harp, guitar, accordion, mountain dulcimer, Irish Pennywhistle, Concertina, and other folk instruments. He enjoys many styles of music including hymns and gospel, Celtic, classical, light jazz (Charlie Brown), standards, etc. and also plays a variety of other instruments including the harps that he builds, classical guitar, ukulele, Irish Whistle, recorder, accordion, lap dulcimer, autoharp, and harmonica.


His beautiful wife Jenny and daughters Joy & Faith have done many concerts as a family at churches/venues where they sing together with ukuleles, perform special music and well known hymns, and share testimonies of God's faithfulness. They are known as the "Fawks Family Musicians"!


Jason has a CD available that he recorded on a Steinway Grand comprised of traditional hymns he arranged. It is called "Hymns on a Steinway”. Jason sees music as a universal language, a gift from God, which has the ability to touch people like few things can.

A motto of his teaching is: "Practice makes better" and he focuses on helping students to love and enjoy the journey of  both the learning and playing of musical instruments.

"Why hurry over beautiful things?  Why not linger and enjoy them" - Clara Schumann


Jason holds an MA in International Development from William Carey International University in Pasadena, CA. He has served as adjunct teaching faculty for WCIU.

Thanks for checking out my site and look forward to hearing from you. God bless! :)

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